Montreal Laser Engraving Services

MAISON CUSTOM is a small family business that is quickly turning into the leader for laser engraving and laser cutting services in Montreal as well as personalized gifts.

Our online store focuses on high end personalized gifts but we also provide laser engraving services in Montreal for commercial and industrial usage.

Whether it's a one time project or on going contract, we are happy to provide our laser engraving and laser cutting services.

MAISON CUSTOM uses a combination of state-of-the-art laser engraving machines, creativity and unparalled customer service in order to make your experience memorable.

Below you'll find some of the products we offer, materials we work with and personalized gifts we sell.

There are no minimum quantities and bulk discounts are available when ordering large quantities. Get in touch today for an immediate quote, simply call 1-800-396-0657.

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  • Montreal Laser Engraving

    Engraved Name Plates

    Custom engraved name plates perfect for desks, walls and doors. Engraved on UV-resistant acrylic-based laminate for applications that are both indoor and outdoor. Available in custom sizes and over 10 colors.

  • Montreal Engraved Identification Tags

    Engraved Identification Tags

    Perfect for commercial and industrial use. Our identification tags are engraved on matt Black non-reflective aluminium benefiting from an urethane protective top coat. Resistant to weathering, salt water, chemicals and high temperatures.

  • Montreal Engraved Directional Wayfinding Signs

    Engraved Interior Wayfinding & Directional Signs

    Custom engraved directional and wayfinding signs available in custom sizes and a variety of colors. Perfect for apartment buildings, commercial buildings, hospitals, malls & more.

  • Engraved Apartment, Room & Office Door Numbers

    Large selection of custom engraved & cut door number signs perfect for apartment buildings, office buildings, hotels and more. Available in Acrylic or Anodized Aluminium, in a single or two-layer format.

  • Montreal Custom Awards and Trophies

    Engraved Trophies & Awards

    Large variety of custom awards and trophies ready to be engraved. Perfect for schools, sports teams, employee appreciation, retirement and more occasions where an award or trophy is deserved.

  • Montreal custom business, office, lobby or reception signs.

    Custom Lobby, Reception & Business Signs

    Get a gorgeous custom made sign for your business reception area. Perfect for offices, lobbies, businesses and more. Choose from wood, acrylic or both in a variety of colors to match your brand.

  • Montreal memorial plaques

    Engraved Memorials & Donation Plaques

    Engraved memorial and donation plaques available in custom sizes and materials including wood, cast aluminium, granite and more. Perfect for synagogues, churches, hospitals, parks, benches and more.

  • Montreal laser engraving on wood, metal, acrylic, glass and stone.

    Custom Engraving on Wood, Acrylic & Metal

    As a full service laser engraving provider we engrave on a variety of materials such as wood, acrylic, metal and glass. We are happy to use your material or source material for you for any custom job you may have.

  • Montreal engraved glassware, drinkware and barware.

    Personalized Glassware, Barware and Drinkware

    Perfect for retaurants, bars, hotels and other venues who'd like to add a personal touch to their glassware, barware and drinkware. Laser-engraved in Montreal for a high precision and clean finished product.